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Registration period for degree students is 1 June – 31 Aug

News | 2.6.2021

All bachelor's, master's and phd level students need to register with the university of turku annually.

Registration period for degree students is 1 June – 31 Aug (please note exceptional arrangements in summer 2021)

Registration period for the spring semester is 1 Dec – 15 Jan. This concerns only students who have first registered with the University only for autumn semester and who register separately for the spring semester.

You can't register before the registration period begins.

It is not possible to do the registration retrospectively either.


University of Turku will implement a new study data system in the summer of 2021 this will cause exceptional arrangements with university registration as well.

Registration for new master students

17 May – 31 Aug 2021 202 the registration takes place in Oili registration service (=studyinfo)

New study rights can be entered into the register system beginning late July!

You'll receive e-mail from the student centre Disco when you registration has been entered into study register system.

For current students the registration with the University is possible as following:

1 - 23 June 2021 (registration in Nettiopsu ends on 23 June at 16.00) university registration takes place in Nettiopsu system. In Nettiopsu you can register for the whole academic year as attending or non-attending.Registration will be updated for all your valid study rights at once.

24 June –  1Aug there will be a break in registrations due to transitions to the use of the new student information system.

2 – 31 Aug 2021 registration continues in the Oili registration service. In the Oili registration service, enrollment is made on a per-right basis, in which case you can register separately as attending for one study right and non-attending for another. In the Oili service you can also register for different statuses for the autumn and spring semesters (ie attendance / absence can be selected on a semester-by-semester basis)

More detailed information will be provided to students in the registration e-mail in the spring semester 2021.

Students with tuition fee

Students who need to pay the tuition fee, must first pay the fee, and only after that register with the University of Turku.

If the tuition fee has not been paid by due date, the registration may be cancelled.

Double degree programmes

Students who are doing their degree in Double Degree Programmes are attending students for the whole study time and pay the Student Union membership fee for this whole time of attendance.

This decision was made in February 2021 and concerns students who start their studies in autumn 2021 or later. Students who have started their studies before semester 2021–2022 pay the Student Union membership only when studies are completed in Turku.

Inactive study right

If your study right is inactive due to demarcation of study time or passive register, you need to re-activate it before registering with the university. All re-activation applications are managed in the faculties.

Do you have several study rights at the University of Turku?

If you currently have a valid study right for a degree at the University of Turku, you need to register according to the instructions for degree students.