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Registration as a foreigner to Finland - HETU PopUp at DVV on September 23 2020

News | 17.9.2020

Dear all,

Every exchange student must obtain a personal Finnish Identity Code (’henkilötunnus’ in Finnish). The Digital and Population Data Services Agency (DVV) is responsible for issuing the ID codes. When you obtain a Finnish ID Code, you’ll be registered as a foreigner in Finland.

If you are going to study in Pori, you’ll need to obtain the identity code from the The Digital and Population Data Services Agency in Pori.

NB! Non-EU residents: even though you would have obtained a Finnish Identity Code during your residence permit application process, you’ll still need to be registered as a foreigner and therefore come to DVV too.

The HETU Pop Up at DVV on September 23 2020: 9.30 am - 12 pm & 1 pm – 3 pm

No appointment needed

The Digital and Population Data Services Agency (DVV) locates Itsenäisyydenaukio 2, the big ugly building behind the Turku City Theatre by the river Aura.

You will not get the code straightaway. When you’ll receive the Finnish ID code please send it to

Please see the enclosed registration form and fill and print it in before you go there (ask your tutor to help you if need be).

Take with you the following documents, remember to fill and print the needed documents in advance!:

  • a pre-filled registration form (enclosed)
  • your passport, an official ID. Please notice: Driver’s license isn’t valid as an official ID in Finland!
  • your residence permit card if you are a non-EU citizen
  • your UTU registration certificate (you received it when registering to UTU)
  • your rental agreement (your address in Finland)

If you cannot come during this day you need to book the appointment yourself. Please send the scanned document with the code to the Student Centre Disco at from your UTU email. They will enter the code into your personal information in Nettiopsu.


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