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Project and separate support decisions 1/2018

sub-organisations | 22.3.2018

Project support and separate support 1/2018 decisions have been made. TYY received a total of 10 applications. Link to the decisions:

The board has stated primary reasons to grant or not to grant the support for each application. In many projects the support has been allocated towards a specific expense.

After the project has ended, the support is paid in exchange for receipts and a project report (max. one A4). Send these documents to TYY’s Specialist in Student Organisations ( Project and separate support has to be cashed at the latest by the end of the following calendar year after the grant decision.

The next deadline for project and separate support applications ends 30 April 2018.

For more information:

Specialist, Student Organisations Lauri Lahoniitty, puh. +358 44 796 1065