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Practice Project management! Join Project Aces!

News | 3.2.2020

Project Aces 2020: Practicing project management and teamwork through a client project

In Project Aces, multidisciplinary teams of 4-6 students execute projects for real clients. The program is organized 30.3.-28.5.2020. The aim of the program is to give students a chance to practice their competence in multidisciplinary environment and to learn new skills and knowledge through practice. The program especially develops project management, problem-solving and teamwork skills. It also gives a chance to build connections to working life.

Application and ECTS: Application period is 3.2.-2.3.2020. The program is open for all higher education students and recent graduates in Turku. The projects are suitable for students from different study backgrounds. The estimated workload per student is 135 hours (5 ECTS). You will receive a certificate after the program. Because the program isn’t in the curricula you should negotiate with your own study program administration of the possibility to get the credits in your degree and to the study register.  

Teams: The participants are divided in project teams. The coordinators of the program build the teams with the knowledge gained from applications and interviews. Some projects can be executed in English. Each team has its own client. Clients represent businesses, NGO’s and public organizations. The client has a contact person with who the team sets the project goals and checks the progress in project execution and to who the team presents the outcomes of the project. Additionally, each team has a coach from the university career services. The coach helps the team with co-operation and getting forward with the project.

Projects: The projects can include e.g. event planning and management, concept planning, service design, developing marketing and communication, developing a strategy or product development. The results of the project can include development plans, reports, demos or events. It is not possible to choose your project. The projects are published to the teams in March before the beginning of the program.

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