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Organisations: time to apply for TYY International Award 2017

News | 1.11.2017

Has your organisation worked hard to encourage international students to participate in your activities? Have you organised successful events that were suitable for both international and domestic students? Besides communicating in English and organising events, TYY International Award winner is an active organisation and eager to improve international students’ possibilities to participate.

The following actions increase your organisation’s possibility to win TYY International Award:

  • Events' suitability for students from diverse backgrounds
  • Organisation’s communication in English besides Finnish
  • Taking international students into consideration in interest promotion
  • Having international student actives

Read more on TYY Internationalisation Instructions

If your organisation meets some or all of these criteria and has other good qualities, suggest it to TYY! The best applicant wins TYY International Award 2017!

You can also suggest any TYY's organisation that meets some or all the requirements. The competition is open 1-30 November. The winner will be announced in December.

Suggest your organisation for TYY International Award

How did Turun yliopiston kemistit TYK ry won last year’s TYY International Award?

TYK ry won TYY International Award last year. TYK ry has continued its international activities this year. It has been active in orientations and TYY International Council as well as in bilingual communication. Krista Heikkilä, TYK ry's responsible person for international affairs explains briefly how they got the prize last year.

"At first what needs to be said is that in the beginning we didn't have as active international student activity as it is nowadays. We have lots of active international members that are mostly master students. When they start their studies in autumn,  our faculty introduces itself and right after that our organisation’s board usually gives a small presentation about the student life and TYK ry. We give the vital information about our organisation to the new international students. In addition to that, we also represent TYK ry in all of the International markets because they are great places to catch some new members since international students usually take part in them. This is how we usually get our international students to join our organisation."

TYK ry has an email-list where they inform their members about the events and current issues in the faculty. All the emails are sent in both Finnish and English, usually with note ”briefly In English below”. Organisation has also a Facebook group ”International students of TYK ry” where the international correspondent usually translates other events andmonthly info for the international students and advertise special events. The Facebook group is also a platform for international students to ask for help or connect each other. TYK ry has also organised some other events, for example sauna evening and international pre-Christmas party for its members to make international and Finnish students blend.

Also one of TYK ry's international students commented TYK ry and how one feels about being a member of the organisation:

”Well, when I joined university TYK ry has made me very welcome, even at sitzparties or other events there has been plenty of people helping me out with Finnish customs and trying to make me feel comfortable. As an organisation I like it a lot and activities are plenty.”

We thank TYK ry for being a great exemple and we encourage internationally active organisations to apply for the TYY International Award!

► More information: Satu Nurmi, Specialist, International Affairs,