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Organisations: Time to apply for TYY 0.7% funding

News | 1.3.2021

The Student Union of the University of Turku is committed to donating 0.7% of its operating budget to development cooperation. The amount is divided between two organisations and the amount donated this year is about € 2600 per organisation. TYY is now looking for one donation target for 2021. The grant is to be used for 2021 activities.

In 2021, we donate half of the 0.7 % to our joint project with the Global Dry Toilet Association of Finland in Zambia and we are now looking for a second target to donate the remaining half of 0.7 %

We are looking for a project where:

  • The organisation operating in Finland has a partner in the global south

  • Meets some of the Agenda2030 targets 

  • take into account the most vulnerable groups in society (such as minorities, women, children, people with disabilities, etc.).

We also take into account the regional balance of projects and welcome applications for projects in the least developed countries.

This is how to apply:

Fill out the electronic application form by March 14 2021, at 23.59. TYY's Executive Board will decide based on the proposal of TYY Development Cooperation Wing and inform all applicants during April. The selected organisation will be paid in two installments and the first payment is made in April-May. The organisation should submit a short report on the activities by the end of August (31 August 2021). The second installment will be paid in September.

An organisation that has earlier received or applied for 0.7% of TYY may also apply but we favour applicants that have not been granted the 0.7% support earlier. 

More information:

Satu Nurmi, Specialist for International Affairs

TYY Development Cooperation

TYY’s former 0,7% partners 

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