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The number of candidates increased from the last Student Union Council Elections

News | 17.10.2017

The Student Union Council is the highest decision-making authority in the Student Union. It decides on what the Student Union will do in each of the two years while in office. It uses this power by determining how much money will be used and for what purposes. The elections are held every second year.

This autumn in total 360 candidates from 13 electoral coalitions are running to become Student Union councilors which is 30 candidates more than in the last elections in 2015. There are also candidates in the campuses of Rauma and Pori. TYY has more candidates than any other Student Union in Finland that organises Council Elections this year. Only the Student Union of the University of Helsinki is not organising elections this year.

”I´m very glad that so many students find participating in TYY interesting. Student Union needs student actives in order to succeed in interest promotion and service provision", says TYY’s Secretary General Rauli Elenius.

Remember to vote!

All members of TYY are entitled to vote. Voting is very easy and done online with your utu username during 1.-8. November.

Before voting dates, you can become familiar with the candidates in the voting aid application that is available from 24 October and in TYY Council Election Market in 26 October. Also Rauma and Pori organise their own info events.

"Council Elections brings people together and it is certainly a hot topic among many students. The Elections always bring a special boost to the autumn when the electoral campaign fills the campus. We can all create good electoral spirit with our own words and deeds, whether one is a candidate or a voter”, says Tuomas Dahlstöm, Chair of TYY’s Central Electoral Committee  


  • Voting aid application is available starting from 24 October at
  • P-klubi’s Council Election panel 25 October at 12 in Publicum, lecture hall 3 (in Finnish)
  • Pori’s Council Election info 25 October at 11.45–12.15, University Consortium of Pori
  • TYY Council Election Market 26 October at 11–14 in front of Educarium and Publicum
  • Pori’s Council Election panel 1 November at 14, University Consortium of Pori
  • Electronic voting 1–8 November at:

Number of candidates by Electoral Coalition

63 Group Lex
61 TSE-list
43 Torchbearers
33 Hybridiaani
32 Oikeat
32 TYY Terveeksi
27 Green list
25 Green Left
12 Democrats
12 Humanist list
10 Eduxi
8 Tasapaino
2 Turun akateemiset perussuomalaiset

More information about Electoral Coalitions