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Nucleus warmly welcomes the new international students!

News | 11.1.2019

Hi international students!

We are Nucleus, the student association for biotechnology- and food development students (MSc in tech, DI) of the University of Turku. Our aim is to represent our members active communication with the department and the student union TYY. We also take care of student advocacy and cooperate with local companies in our branch.

We are also here to build ‘team spirit’ and make your time at university the best you can have! We organize about 60 different events per year, including the traditional ‘teekkari’-events, excursions and a lot of sport and culture events.

How to participate?

  1. Come to our events or to our guild room in the basement of Arcanum (we have coffee!)
  2. If you want to be a member, the membership fee is 5€/year or 20€/5 years.
  3. Find our websites at and follow us on social media IG: nucleus_ry FB: Nucleus ry
  4. Contact our board at
  5. You can also join our mailing list bioteek by leaving your email address to us.

If you have any questions about our association or our events or anything, you can always contact our person responsible for international affairs, Iida Ikonen via email (

We wish you memorable time during your stay and hope to see you in our events!