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Nominate winners of the awards for TYY98 Online

News | 14.10.2020

TYY will grant awards for deserving persons and organisations in honor of TYY98 Online -event

This year, the Student Union of the University of Turku (TYY) celebrates it's 98th birthday online. Virtual gala will be held on 14 November. The celebration includes i.e. speeches and awards in different categories. The descriptions for various awards are listed below.

Nominations for these awards are now open. Nominate your friends or organisations who you think would deserve the proposed award. Please submit your proposals before 1 November 23:59. Proposals can be submitted via a form which can be found below. 


TYY International Award

Every year, we choose an organisation that has done exemplary work in involving international students in their activities. The winner of the award is an organisation that communicates in English in addition to Finnish, takes care of international students' interests and has perhaps attracted international students in its activities, either as an active organiser or participant.

You can suggest your own organisation or any other organisation that meets the criteria. TYY International Wing is involved in the selection of TYY International Award.

► Get to know the former winners.


The most innovative organisation of the year

The year 2020 has been very exceptional. Student organisations have tried to maintain communality and bring students together in new and innovative ways during this time.

Do you know any organisation that has done something particularly innovative during this year? You can suggest your own organisation or any other organisation that meets the criteria.


(International) Super tutor

Is your tutor someone who has made your stay in Finland more comfortable? Besides picking you up upon your arrival and introducing the campus area, Supertutor is helpful and knowledgeable and always there to answer your tricky questions about Finnish student life or everyday practical matters. Supertutor brings people together and creates positive team spirit and is happy to help new students.

If your tutor meets these criteria and has other good qualities, suggest them to TYY via the following form! On the basis of the best suggestions, excellent tutors will be proclaimed as the Supertutor and the International Supertutor of the University of Turku.


Volunteer of the year

TYY is excited to announce a new tradition: volunteer of the year! The goal of starting such a tradition is to say “thank you” to our most active volunteers on a yearly basis. This year, the most active volunteers based on the proposals received will be rewarded for their outstanding performance and contribution to TYY and University activities.

We are looking for TYY volunteers who have always gone the extra mile to make a difference in the student community. Do you know someone who has been extremely active, or perhaps even inspired others? If so, please nominate them using the linked form.


Newcomer of the year

This award will be given out to a newcomer who has done their tasks in an organisation particularly well. They might also have helped others even more than asked. Or maybe they have invented something brand new and developed the organisation further.

Nominate an exceptional organisation newcomer by filling the linked form.


TYY's Golden Wing

TYY's Golden Wing is a new award which will be rewarded to commendable member of TYY community. The Golden Wing can be given to any student in University of Turku who has been a good friend and workmate to others and shown positive attitude even during hard times.


Submit proposals via this form