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The new Student Union Council had its first meeting: Sofia Engblom was elected as Chair of the Executive Board and Nelli Mäkitalo as Chair of the Student Union Council

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News | 28.11.2019

Photo: Teemu Perhiö

The Organisational Meeting of the new Student Union Council was held on Wednesday 27 November. In the meeting, the Chair of the Student Union Council was elected as well as Chair for the new Executive Board of the Student Union Council. In addtion the members and Chairs for the Support Committee, the Financial Board, the Election Committee, the Executive Committee of Turku Student Newspaper and the 100th history committee were elected.

Sofia Engblom was elected Chair of TYY's Executive Board for 2020.

“It's great to be able to do advocacy with the new Executive Board! I promise that the Executive Board will do its best to make the University of Turku the best possible place to study. There is plenty to do, but we are looking forward to the challenge,” says Sofia.

Sofia is a fifth-year law student and has been a member of the TYY Executive Board for 2019 with responsibilities in the fields of equality, environment, internationalisation, development cooperation and volunteers. She represents Group Lex.

“We do extensive advocacy work, but next year, issues related to student well-being and FSHS (Finnish Student Health Service) expansion are particularly important. 
One of my important goals is to bring TYY closer to each member and make the Student Union’s work even more visible to the community as a whole,”Sofia describes next year.

The following were elected as members of TYY's Executive Board for 2020:

  •     Kristaps Kovaļonoks, Humanist List
  •     Camilla Saarinen, Group Lex
  •     Jami Salonen, TSE List
  •     Samuli Tähtinen, TSE List
  •     Mari van den Berg, Torchbearers
  •     Aliisa Wahlsten, Hybridiaani

The Board elects the Vice-Chair from among its members and allocates responsibilities at its Organisational Meeting. The term of office is one year. The new Executive Board will begin its training in December and its term of office begins in 2020.

Nelli Mäkitalo Chair of the Student Union Council

The Organisational Meeting of the Student Union Council also elected the Chair of the new Student Union Council. Nelli Mäkitalo, Green List, was elected Chair, and Sauli Seittenranta, TYY Terveeksi, as Vice-Chair. The two-year term of the Student Union Council will last until the end of 2021.