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New student restaurant Galilei is now open

News | 9.12.2015

University Hill’s awaited student restaurant, Galilei was opened in the beginning of December. Opening will be celebrated during week 2 in 2016.

University’s new restaurant is located in Agora building (formerly called Natural Science Building 2) and offers lunch, vegetarian lunch, deli lunch, salad and soup alternatives.

 Unica’s CEO Sanna Hovi is very excited about the new restaurant.

-I’m very happy with the new restaurant. We got two sides: half for Café and other for lunch. Especially attractive are restaurant’s large windows, Hovi says.

Galilei is open on weekdays from 8 to 15 and lunch is served from 10.30-14. You can enter the restaurant from Vesilinnankatu and Agora Building. Galilei has in total 126 seats.

The name was chosen through competition

In total of 53 names were suggested as new restaurant’s name. Many of the proposals were related to the natural sciences and the history of the discipline, as well as the history of the university in general.

-The chosen name refers to Italian astronomer, philosopher and physicist Galileo Galilei. The name matches well with Agora, Natura and Quantum, in addition the name brings to mind Galilei’s home land Italy, whose cuisine is one of the world’s most prestigious, Hovi explains.

The selected name was suggested by two participants, so the winner was raffled. Jukka Vornanen won the prize.

Universtas Oy owned by TYY is Unica’s majority owner.

Check Galilei restaurant on Unica's website