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New international student, welcome to Turku!

News | 5.7.2016

The Student Union of the University of Turku (TYY) would like to welcome you to Turku and to the University of Turku. We are happy to have you here and we wish to meet you at the Orientation Course!

Please see more detailed timetables of Orientation Course:

Exchange students

Master Degree students

Doctoral Candidates

How to join the Student Union?

Exchange Students: The membership is voluntary but highly recommended. The International Office has sent the Student Union membership invoices via e-mail to all the exchange students during summer, (normally by the end of July). If you have not got your invoice ny August, please contact We recommend you to pay the Student Union fee and ordering the student card (Frank) before your arrival to avoid long waiting times but you may also pay your membership fee and order the card after arriving. Please read about the membership benefits here.

Degree Students: The membership fee is mandatory. You will get the membership fee invoice upon registration here in Turku. Please read about the membership benefits here.

Doctoral Candidates: The membership is voluntary. You can read more about membership benefits for doctoral candidates through this link. After getting your PhD place in Turku you will get information about the university and the student union fee. If you have not got information about student union fee, please contact You can order the student card at Frank website. Please note you order the right type of card.

Please note that we do not send you confirmation e-mail after receiving your payment. If you have used the correct account number your payment will eventually arrive on our bank account. However, it is always a good idea to have the student union membership fee receipt with you until your student card has arrived.

First steps

  • Please see the University's website for First Days in Turku
  • If you have any questions concerning the Student Union, please contact We are here for you! Also check our FAQ-page for questions concerning the membership, student card, starting package and bank issues.
  • After paying the membership fee, you can order the student card at Frank-website
  • You will get the University's user account for IT Services and e-mail after registration. 
  • We recommend you to join our mailing list for international students as soon as possible. Through the list, the Student Union keeps you up to date on current issues that concern students, informs you about things that go in the Student Union and in Finland in general and also distributes information about for example the starting package, job offers or internships, language centre, sports opportunities. Since most other mailing lists operate in Finnish, this is the best list to get information that is relevant to students in English. To join the list, click here.
  • We have Facebook page, just for you: Remember to like our international Facebook page TYY International

Have a nice summer 2016 and Welcome to Turku!

International Sector is on holiday on 7 July until 3 August. We will answer your e-mails again in 4 August!