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New International Student, Welcome to Turku!

News | 2.1.2015

Welcome to Turku!

The Student Union of the University of Turku (TYY) would like to welcome you to Turku and to the University of Turku. We are happy to have you here and we wish to meet you at the Orientation day on 5 January!

We recommend you to join our mailing list for exchange students as soon as possible. Through the list, the Student Union keeps you up to date on current issues that concern students, informs you about things that go in the Student Union and in Finland in general and also distributes information about for example the starting package, job offers or internships, language centre, sports opportunities. Since most other mailing lists operate in Finnish, this is the best list to get information that is relevant to students in English. To join the list, click here
Also, the ESN Uni Turku (Erasmus Student Network) mailing list is a great way to stay up to date on free-time activities, parties, trips etc. Join the ESN Uni Turku mailing list here

If you have any questions concerning the Student Union, please contact We are here for you!

Info material

Upon your arrival TYY will provide you with some useful material that you will hopefully find useful during your stay here in Turku.

  • TYY Guide for International Students: Details on what TYY is and does and how to become a member, information on the student union membership benefits and sub-organisations of the Student Union.
  • A Big One -brochure: Information on the development cooperation projects you can donate to in spring semester 2015 when paying your student union membership fee
  • Welcome Party -ticket: The student unions of all three universities in Turku would like to invite you to the traditional Welcome Party! This huge party will be held at Apollo Night Club (Humalistonkatu 6) on Wednesday 14th  January from 10 pm onwards. This is your chance to get to know everybody and to have lots of fun!

Remember to join our mailing lists to hear about all activities TYY and its’ sub-organizations are organizing for you by joining our e-mail lists: (for exchange students) (for degree students)

Happy new year and Welcome to Turku!