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The new Executive Board for 2021 decided on its tasks

News | 16.12.2020

In picture from left: Aliisa Wahlsten, Samuli Tähtinen, Maria Nieminen, Jenna Rautionaho, Sofia Saarinen ja Suvituuli Lundmark, on the screen Anna Ryzhova.

The new Executive Board of The Student Union of The University of Turku for 2021 decided on its tasks at the organisational meeting on 16 December.

  • Aliisa Wahlsten: Chair
  • Samuli Tähtinen: Vice Chair, Organisations, Organisation supports, Tutoring
  • Suvituuli Lundmark: Social Affairs, Equality, Sports, Satakunta Campuses
  • Maria Nieminen: Student Culture, Volunteers, Enviroment, Tutoring
  • Jenna Rautionaho: Academic Affairs, Work Life, Corporate Collaboration, Communications
  • Anna Ryzhova: International Affairs, Development Cooperation
  • Sofia Saarinen: Academic Affairs, Municipal Affairs, Communications

The Executive Board of 2021 begins its work on second week of January.