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Mañana ry wants to warmly welcome all the international students!

News | 10.1.2018

Mañana ry wants to warmly welcome all the international students in the beginning of this semester! We are the student organization of Spanish translation and language in the University of Turku. Our story began back in 1998 and we are one of the many sub-organizations of Student Union (TYY).

So, what do we do? Basically, one of the most important purposes of our organization is to work as a messenger between the teachers and students of Spanish at the university, be a voice for the students of Spanish of the University of Turku and promote all types of their interests, and simply represent and bring out the Hispanic culture in all sorts of events we organize.

More specifically about the things you might be interested of, we organize various types of free-time activities such as board game evenings, movie nights, sauna evenings, and most importantly, FIESTAS! The most famous party organized by us is the Fiesta Latina, one in autumn semester and another in spring. The event has been especially popular among exchange students. Other parties organized by Mañana coming up this semester will be the Mojito party (25 January) and the Carnival party (7 March).

And no, just as you don’t need to be a fish to swim, you neither need to be Spanish or speak Spanish to participate our events! As students of Spanish we simply like to keep that theme present in our events, but should you be Russian, French or Chinese, everybody is just as welcome. In fact, the international atmosphere is a priority for us being students of a foreign language and we also have two international students as members of the organization. Mañana also received the Student Union’s International Award this year of which we are very proud.

We wish you all the best for this semester and hopefully will see you in our events!