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Latest update in COVID19 pandemic in Finland

News | 29.1.2021

Dear all,

there is a COVID19 epidemic amongst the exchange students of Tampere university and University of Jyväskylä.

Both these universities suspended the exchanges there till the end of April.

UTU decided not to suspend any exchanges for Spring 2021. Those still at home and arriving to Turku later during February – March please print with you your admission certificate and the registration certificate. You’ll need them when crossing the border.

Please notice – when you are in Finland you are obliged to follow the COVID19 instructions given by the Government of Finland, city of Turku and UTU.

If you are planning a trip to Tallinn please postpone the trip until March – April. Due to COVID19 pandemic Finland decided to tighten internal and external border traffic. This is valid till the end of February. How to cross the border, please check

Hopefully you all stay healthy. If you are having a party during the weekend remember max 10 persons/ party.

Enjoy the winter and go sledding, skating or skiing.

Although COVID 19 pandemic is doing its best to ruin your exchange experience but hopefully you’ll enjoy your time at UTU and find something fun to do but taking into account the restrictions.


International Office