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Language Circles for international students and Finnish students start in September

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News | 2.9.2016

Language circle is a free time activity carried out by international and Finnish students. There are voluntary meetings where international students can meet Finnish and other international students. Groups are available in different languages, and the idea is to use that specific language in the group so that the native speakers can help non-native speakers practice their language skills. It is completely up to the group members to decide what they want to do in their group.  At the end of the semester, the participants will receive a certificate to show that they have participated.

The following voluntary language and culture groups, Language Circles, will start in the week 37 (12th – 15th  September) in Agora, Vesilinnantie 3 (2nd floor):

  • Chinese: Mon 18.15 room 250
  • English: Thu 16.00 room 245
  • Finnish for Foreigners: Thu 18.00 room 245
  • French: Wed 18.00 room 245
  • German: Wed 16.00 room 245
  • Italian: Thu 16.30 room 250
  • Japanese: Mon 16.00 room 245
  • Korean: Tue 18.00 room 245
  • Russian: Tue 16.00 room 245
  • Spanish: Mon 18.00 room 245
  • Swedish: Mon 16.30 room 250

Come and meet new people and learn about different languages and cultures! No need to sign up but there will be changes in the times and places after the first meeting, so it is advisable to attend the first meeting. If you are not able to come to the first meeting, please see the Language Centre intranet page for more information

► More information: Katja Arola, Coordinator, e-mail: