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Join Hetki | Moments of Beauty show this autumn!

News | 9.9.2019

Hetki | Moments of Beauty is a show about the experience of those small and big moments that embody the beauty of life. The show wants to celebrate the multiculturalism of Turku, and without spoken dialogues it's also suitable for non-Finnish speakers. The source material was gathered during workshops with multicultural groups and associations, by collecting lists of beautiful things of the participants’ experiences.

Without neglecting the imperfections of everyday life, the performance portrays the beauty of basic things, which magically become something else: plants grow into trees, and tea cups come to life. The play is accompanied by live music and soundscapes assembled before the eyes of the audience.

Hetki | Moments of Beauty is a new show of the Turku based group Ensemble Ponte, whose goal is to create performances that mix together different art forms by means that overcome cultural and language barriers.
Director: Kerttu Pyy
Actors: Iina Löppönen ja Joele Solinas
Sound designer and live musican: Karen Soinila
Photos and videoprojections: Jussi Ronkainen
Production assistant: Yrelis Garcia

Workshop material: Yhdessä-Yhdistys (Together Association), Turun Tyttöjen Talo (House for girls of Turku) ja Pansion vastaanottokeskus (Reception Centre of Pansio)

Premier 27.9.2019 at 19:00
Wed 2.10. at 13:00
Fri 4.10. at 19:00
Sun 6.10. at 15:00
Mon 7.10. at 13:00
Fri 11.10. at 19:00
Sat 12.10. at 19:00
Fri 18.10. at 19:00
Sat 19.10. at 19:00
Sun 20.10. at 15:00

Teatteri Mundo (Uudenmaankatu 17).
Tickets 18 / 12 € (students, pensioners, unemployed)
Reservatios: or

We apologise for the inconvenience, but the theatre is not accessible for wheelchairs.