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Johanna Pohjoinen was elected for the 2020 Board of SYL

News | 16.11.2019

The General Assembly of the National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL), representing all of Finland’s close to 132,000 university students, has elected SYL’s 2020 Board. 

Johanna Pohjoinen from TYY was elected for the 2020 Board of SYL.

Johanna Pohjonen is a 27-year-old nursing science student and she has been on the 2019 Board of Student Union of the University of Turku. Academic affairs and working life are on her responsibility in this position of trust. Prior to her nursing science studies, Johanna graduated as a nurse and she has comprehensive working life skills. Johanna is eager to be building an equal, accessible and open community in higher education.

“It is my aim to ensure sufficient resources for lifelong learning and have an impact in creating a truly accessible higher education”, Johanna comments from Lahti where the General Assembly of SYL selected the new board.


Suomen ylioppilaskuntien liitto SYL ry:n puheenjohtajaksi vuodelle 2020 valittiin 26-vuotias Tapio Hautamäki Aalto yliopiston ylioppilaskunnasta.