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International Supertutor 2015 Maija Jortikka: "You will get so much in return"

News | 16.12.2015

Maija Jortikka is new International Supertutor. International students could suggest their own tutor as International Super tutor for 2015.

Maija Jortikka studies biology at the University of Turku for the second year. She became an international tutor because she wanted to meet international students.

- I was interested in exchanging cultures with international students. I also wanted to introduce them Finnish culture and our University, Jortikka says.

Jortikka’s tutor group included four French undergraduate students and one Russian doctoral student.

-One of the best events was when we visited my parents’ home in Pyhämaa. We spent a night there, went to wood burning sauna and ate cabbage casserole. I think it was a great experience for each of them.

Jortikka has got together with her tutees throughout the autumn; they have for example cooked together.

-Today we are going to bake gingerbread cookies and my tutees promised to make me quiche, cheese pie.

Jortikka recommends tutoring for everyone.

-I have got new international friends and so many experiences! Of course tutoring is also a bit of work but it is so rewarding that you will get so much in return.

Maija Jortikka does not have time for tutoring in spring term because she will be involved with her subject organisation’s activities. She will also act in spring’s student play, Hybridispeksi.

-Maybe then in the autumn again, Jortikka decides.

Student Union of the University of Turku (TYY) chose international Supertutor and Supertutor based on proposals received from their tutees. Nestori Liminka was elected as Supertutor. TYY congratulates both Supertutors. A big thank to all of you for being tutor in 2015!


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