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International students wanted!

News | 3.11.2015

There is still room for more international and exchange students in an intercultural team-building course during which Finnish and exchange students can become teachers and learners of each other in face-to-face teams.

The EN13 Intercultural Communication for Cross-Cultural Team Building course (3 credits) will start at TSE this Friday (November 6th) and end on December 4th.  Each class is organized in flexible ways between 10 and 14 on Friday (Ls 10) with free time for lunch and coffee. During the course students write reflective essays and a final reflective essay about their learning experience. The teacher is like a coach who supports the intercultural learning during the course.

If interested, please send email to Vilhelm Lindholm (

Your email should include the following: your student number, your cultural background, and your commitment to full participation during the course.