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Influential communication for international students also next year

News | 13.12.2016

Photo: TYY International Award winner 2016 Turun Yliopiston Kemistit TYK ry. The prize was given in TYY International Council’s last meeting of 2016.

TYY has worked hard this year to improve its communication for the international students. International students’ feedback is vital for us and this year international students’ opinions have been especially helpful.

Most students hear first time about TYY in their letter of acceptance. If membership is voluntary (exchange students and degree students), it is still attractive because of various benefits. It was also mentioned that through TYY students felt like they are members of community and able to make new friends.

Organisations where international students have been active in included UTU Debating Club, ESN, Black Swans, Katko, ISTU, AIESEC, Language Circles, TuKY, TYK ry, Germanica, Choir, Mañana and in spring’s survey Anglica, Nucleus, KY Tricolore and OPKO. Majority of international students think that the best way to improve organisations’ internationalisation is to create more possibilities where Finns and internationals can meet.

International students wish to meet regular Finnish students. To encourage organisations to involve international students in their activities, TYY International Award was invented and granted for the first time this year. The winner Turun Yliopiston Kemistit TYK ry stood out from other candidates because they have most clearly put effort on integrating internationals with Finns and increased the amount of translations and English communication based on feedback. With these little changes international students have lower threshold to join student activities. TYY wants to encourage organisations to continue international excellence in the future.

TYY International Facebook page has almost tripled its likes in 1 year and English newsletter is wanted. Most students want to be regular members, although efforts in translations has led to possibility for international students’ participation in TYY. Albeit interest towards Executive Board and Council meetings’ minutes is still rather low, international student Ali Benkherouf was elected a member in TYY Executive Board 2017. Having international member in TYY’s Executive Board will bring internationalisation into next level.

TYY thanks all the international students for participating in the surveys this year. The winner of 2 movie tickets have been contacted via e-mail.

Also following organisations showed exemplary internationalisation in this year's TYY International Award competition: Turun KY, European Law Students' Association, Anglica ry, Germanica ry, TYRMY Turun Yliopiston Raskaan Musiikkin Ystävät/ University of Turku Metal Club and EGEA Turku.

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