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How to activate UTU account?

News | 16.12.2020

Dear all,

The International Office contacted the IT Services of UTU and asked how to activate your user ID at UTU. Unfortunately, during Christmas time they have limited opening hours so be prepared that there is a queue waiting for you.

The International Office is sorry for this and asks you to be patient. Unfortunately, we cannot fasten the process to give your user ID earlier.

You will need the UTU user ID in order to access the UTU web systems and to enroll for the courses.

How to activate your user ID:

A) By visiting the Helpdesk at UTU:

  • make an appointment to a Helpdesk at the Campus area and wait until your self-quarantine is over or you have 2 negative results from the COVID19 tests
  • take with you your passport / official ID card. NB! Driver’s license isn’t valid as an official ID in Finland!
  • you’ll get your user ID right away

B) By requesting video online identification

If you cannot visit IT helpdesk, it is also possible to activate your UTU account remotely in a video meeting. In this case, contact well in advance.

Tell that you request a video identification and include in the message

  • your full name
  • mobile phone number
  • date of birth.

Helpdesk needs this information in order to ascertain your UTU account validity and prepare for the video meeting.

Please note that it will take several days for you to get an appointment for the video meeting.  

By activating your user account, you agree to comply with the IT Rules and Rules of IT Service Use.

The International Office will contact the teachers and inform them concerning the delay in getting the user IDs. You could contact the teachers by email too if you don’t get the user Id before the course registration ends.


Find the course and its course code

Course registration: open Nettiopsu to another tab and sign in.

Best regards

Incoming Team of the International Office