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Hi there, biology and geography students!

News | 24.8.2020

Hi there, biology and geography students!

Are you interested in getting to know Finnish student traditions and networking with other students in your area? If yes, keep reading.

Synapsi is the student association of biology and geography students in the University of Turku and we are happy to welcome international students to join our community. The membership costs only 7 € for one year and then you can gain the following benefits:

  • Access to our club room: a place to hang out, meet other members and drink coffee
  • Access to several cultural and sports events and trips (sitz parties, excursions etc.)
  • Free access to the botanical garden in Ruissalo
  • Free sport shifts every week
  • New contacts from your study area

To get more information and to join our association, please contact me or straight to our board