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Hello and welcome on behalf of Synapsi ry!

News | 10.1.2019

If you haven’t heard of Synapsi ry yet, here’s a small info blast that might come in handy!

Synapsi ry is the student organization of Biology and Geography at the University of Turku, and was founded in 1962 (over 55 years ago!). One of the most important purposes of our organization is to work as an easy-to-cross-bridge between the students and staff of our faculty (science and engineering), as well as with our umbrella organization (Hybridi ry) and TYY. Overall, we aim to make our students feel like they belong and are heard!

Joining a student organization of your own field of study has great benefits. For example, it will make it easier for you to integrate well into, and understand, the Finnish way of life (student edition), get to know people, and even have a life alongside your studies! After all, we do arrange a lot of activities and events to entertain our members (e.g. board game evenings, movie nights, sauna evenings, parties etc.).

Speaking of: we have our first sauna evening of the year coming up next Tuesday (15.1.), where the new board introduces itself. Obviously, there is a possibility to try out the sauna, but also to play board games, cards against humanity, or beer pong. We even bring some snacks for you to enjoy.
By now you’re probably wondering how to join and be a part of this awesomeness. Well, you have to fill out an application form and pay the fee (7€ for a 1 year membership, 15€ for 7 years; by cash or bank account). We have a board member at our office every Tuesday at 11:00-13:00, who will accept the form and the fee, and register you to our database. The office is situated in the 3rd floor of Natura (the building on top of the hill). There you can drink coffee/tea, buy snacks or overall patches, have a chat, or just hangout.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send an email to, or alternatively our international representative ( We can also be found in the halls of Natura or in green overalls around the city, so feel free to come say hi. If you prefer using social media, we can also be contacted via Facebook or Instagram.

We wish you all the best for this semester and hopefully will see you!

With regards,
Synapsi ry