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Have you faced ethnic profiling in Finland?

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News | 22.2.2016

The Stopped – Spaces, Meanings and Practices of Ethnic Profiling

The Stopped is a three-year project funded by the Koneen Säätiö (2015-2018). In the research project we want to examine to what extent the ethnic profiling exists in Finland. We are now looking for people both from Turku and Helsinki who would be interested in participating in either individual or group interviews.

Previous studies show, that ethnic profiling and possible stoppings may occur, for example, by the border guards at areas of border control, airports or by the guards in the shops. The police may also stop people in public places and ask for identity papers.

We want to understand why, when, where and how ethnic profiling occurs. We are interested in people's experiences of being stopped and asked to identify themselves by the police or other authorities and to what extent people feel this could be related to their ethnic background or skin color. People who do not personally have experienced ethnic profiling, but have heard or witnessed these kinds of events and would like to share or discuss about them, are also more than welcome to participate! There are no limitations by age, gender or background for the interviewees.

Our aim in the project is to increase the understanding of the phenomenon and to make it visible in the society through science, arts and journalism. If you are interested or want further information on the subject, please contact

Check out project’s website with more information

More information: Nirosha Pöyhölä, Project’s research assistant