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Happy holidays! Check the important opening hours.

News | 15.12.2021


TYY Service Desk

TYY’s Service Desk is closed 20.12.2021–31.12.2021.

Normal opening hours:

  • Mon, Tue, Wed ja Fri: at 10–11 and 12–14
  • Thu: at 12–15.

TYY’s Specialists

TYY’s most staff is on holiday during 20.12.2021–2.1.2022

TYY’s Legal Aid

Legal Aid Commission and Lawyer are on holiday until week 2.

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University Services


Changes in libraries' opening hours are valid 20.12.2021–9.1.2022.

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Student Centre Disco

During the Holidays the Service Desk is closed 22.12.2021–9.1.2022

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IT Sevices

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Health Services and TYS

YTHS (Finnish student health services)

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Crisis Helpline 24 hours a day

tel +358 9 2525 0111

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TYS office is closed between 23 Dec and 26 Dec

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Unica restaurants

See how the restaurants are open