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Get ready for a long hot summer

News | 25.5.2016

Summer is approaching, are you ready? TYY has gathered summer information packet for you.


During summer you can take exams, do independent studies such as essays, receive guidance for thesis work and carry out for example field courses and practical training. Thesis’ summer term guidance should always be scheduled personally with your supervisor / supervisors.

Summer 2016 study offering by faculty can be found on the intranet of the University of Turku.
Instructions for electronic exams can be found here.

You can also check out what The Open University offers.


The Student Union Service desk is open until 17 June on Monday to Friday from 12 to 14 in the Main building ground floor (University Hill). At service desk you can activate your student card for e-exams. The Service Desk is closed from 20 June until 31 July.

When TYY’s Service Desk is closed, you can get temporary key for the e-exams in the Student and Admission Services (ground floor of the Main Building, University Hill), Main Building lobby’s information desk (first floor of the Main Building, University Hill) or Turku School of Economics info desk (Rehtorinpellonkatu 3). The key must be returned after the exam on the box next to the door in the exam class.

See opening hours and more information here.


TYY’s legal advice will be on summer holiday from 25 May and will continue again in September.

More detailed information you will find legal counseling Student Union website.


Summer opening hours of all libraries of the University of Turku can be found online.

Most libraries will close in May-June and open again in early August.
Feeniks library at the University Hill serves the entire summer Mon 9-18 and Tue-Fri 9-16. Also the library Quantum 24/7 area is open for the students of the University of Turku during whole summer.

Educarium library is under renovation and will open again 15 August.

Calonia Library is closed due to renovation of Calonia and Arcanum Library will open in May-June.


FSHS all offices are closed for the summer term at least between 4-29 July. You can check opening hours on the website.

Turku unit is closed from 4 until 31 July and Rauma office from 20 June until 12 August.

You can use the FSHS services in all cities they are available. If you graduate in the spring term 2016 you can use the FSHS services until the end of July 2016. If you continue your studies in the coming semester / academic year, you can use the services until the end of August. From the beginning of September you must have a valid semester / academic year sticker on your student card or certificate from the Student and Admission Services that proves the payment of the Student Union fee.
If you are going on a trip in the summer, be sure to take care of vaccinations and recipes with you. Check out for more travel information.


There is much happening in Turku during summer. Stay up-dated at City of Turku’s website.