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Get to know TYY's new employees

News | 17.12.2021

Pictures from left: Hanna Kiiskilä, Vilma Virtanen ja Jenni Taalikka. Vilma Virtanen's picture by Milla Rajakallio.

Event Producer Hanna Kiiskilä, Specialist of International Affairs Vilma Virtanen and Secretary for Student Affairs in Rauma Jenni Taalikka started their work this autumn.

Hanna Kiiskilä, Event Producer

I’m Hanna Kiiskilä, a recently graduated language specialist from the University of Turku and currently, I work as an event producer for the Student Union. I have organised events since my days in secondary school, but in recent years, I have been organising events for TYY organisations where I volunteer (for example, concerts for the Turku University choir).

During my time in the TYY organisations, I have familiarised myself with the workings of my own Student Union. Now as an employee, I wish to continue the positive influence and support that TYY offers its members. In addition, I have always seen TYY as a place of good team spirit, which I am now glad to witness myself.

Vilma Virtanen, Specialist, International Affairs

Hi all! I´m Vilma Virtanen, the new international specialist of TYY. I studied history in Tampere University and graduated in the end of 2020. Internationality was always a big part of my studies and that is why I am happy to get to work with international affairs.

My hobbies includes scouting & guiding and that is where I have gotten a lot of experience on international affairs and development cooperation. I love the nature and outdoors and going on adventures with my dog Hurma.

 I am looking forward to helping students with their questions about international affairs and solving problems that they might have, whether it is about going on exchange or settling to Finland! I am also one of TYY`s harassment contact persons and I hope that I can help students who encounter challenging or problematic situations.

Jenni Taalikka, Secretary for Student Affairs in Rauma

Hello you all! I’m Jenni Taalikka, the new Secretary for Student Affairs in Rauma. I am on a 3rd year of my Class Teacher Education studies, minoring in Basic Studies of Music. For me the ability to make an impact as well as helping others have always been important, and somehow part of my nature too. That’s why I cannot wait to get started with this position!

My free time flies bustling with my dog Ukko. However, there is time left for work in student organisations, knitting and playing music.

Working in TYY I look forward meeting new amazing people and helping them together with getting to know better our lovely campus and how it works as well as figuring out the ways to make an impact from where I stand. My work in January starts a bit differently since I’m leaving for an exchange period off to Stockholm University for the spring semester. That won’t bother my work too much and if needed, I will be quickly over the Baltic Sea back home in Rauma.