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News | 4.10.2019

Health questionnaire for new students now in its 10th year. Since autumn 2009, the FSHS has invited all first-year students at universities and other institutions of higher education to a health check consisting of an electronic health questionnaire and, if necessary, a personal appointment. Again this autumn, nearly 25,000 students in different parts of Finland will be invited to complete the questionnaire. the importance of the questionnaire for both the well-being of students and the targeting and resourcing of our services is indisputable. Read more

New student, answer the health inquiry in Self and tell us how are you today. Answer now

The phoneservices of FSHS are busy at the moment especially in the beginning of the week, so the students are suggested to use Self-service online to make an appointment.

The aim of the substance abuse programme is to emphasise prevention and early intervention. Substance use may have a significant effect on students’ success in and coping with their studies. The substance abuse programme for students is an action plan for preventing students’ substance abuse and for providing support in addressing problem situations. In addition a long-term objective of the substance abuse programme is to influence students’ substance use culture. Read the substance abuse programme for students.

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