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FinnWID ry and Swallows of Finland TYY's 0.7% targets of 2020

News | 11.5.2020

TYY has elected FinnWID - Women in Development Cooperation and Swallows of Finland (Pääskyt ry) as 0.7% targets of 2020. FinnWID is fighting against human trafficking in Nigeria, and Swallows of Finland has a development project to improve the food security and livelihood of local communities in Nepal.

Every year, TYY directs 0.7 per cent of its operating funds to development cooperation. This year, eight good applications for 0.7% were received, of which TYY's Executive Board selected Swallows of Finland and FinnWID - Women in Development Cooperation as TYY's 0.7% targets of 2020 on the proposal of the Development Cooperation Wing. The fulfilment of sustainable development goals, geographical distribution and the long-term nature of operations were emphasised in the selection process.

Swallows of Finland is a Finnish development cooperation organisation that has a development cooperation project started in 2019 in Nepal in cooperation with the Nepalese partner organization NAFAN. Nepal is one of the least developed countries in the world. "The three-year project, supported by the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, is being implemented in the rural area of ​​Raksirang, in a hilly area in central Nepal and will benefit about 1,150 households in 20 villages," says Executive Director Heli Janhunen from the Swallows of Finland.

With the help of TYY's support, the organisation raises the awareness of villagers about agroforestry and adaptation to climate change, as well as trains small farmers in organic farming methods and vegetable growing. In addition, the funds will be used to plant tree seedlings on slopes prone to landslides.
FinnWID - Women in Development Cooperation is a Finnish non-governmental organisation that strengthens gender equality and women's opportunities through its activities. Together with the Nigerian coalition of ENCATIP, it is preventing human trafficking by addressing the root causes of human trafficking, such as the weak economic position of women. “The project develops the professional and entrepreneurial skills of women and girls by providing them with IT training. For many Nigerian women, it is not even possible to learn the basics of computer use. With the help of IT skills, we want to open the door for women to work in traditionally male-dominated fields as well”, says Anne Pauna, Chair of FinnWID - Women in Development Cooperation. The project, which began in January 2020, focuses on supporting the education and livelihoods of four young women at risk. With the help of TYY's development cooperation funds, the organisation supports women's studies, which are necessary for employment.

Development cooperation reduces poverty and global inequality. Development cooperation is based on the Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the UN in 2015. The 17 goals seek to promote sustainable development in terms of the economy, human well-being and the environment. The most important of the various criteria for development cooperation is poverty reduction, which is also taken into account when deciding on 0.7% funds. That is why we are trying to channel funds primarily to the least developed countries.

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