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Finding a job in Finland is not mission impossible

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News | 13.2.2015

On 12 February, The Career Offices of Turku University and Åbo Akademi (REKRY) organized together with TYY a seminar called “Working in Finland”.

The aim was to tell international students about Finland’s labour markets, share some basic knowledge about Finnish CV’s, application letters, job interviews and employment situation and encourage to contact employers. Over 50 people were present and the seminar gave them many ideas about how to get a job in Finland. Most of all, the seminar showed that our international students really want to work and stay in Finland.

The first speaker was Jaana Mäkikalli, a director from World Trade Center Turku. She spoke about Finnish labour market and told about future prospects and booming industries in Southwest Finland. After Mäkikalli Åbo Akademi Universitys Coordinator Jan Kraufvelin told us about CV’s and job applications in Finland.

Image: Ilakya Selvarajan from Åbo Akademis Structural Bioinformatics Laboratory, Sofia Kalyakina from FCG Finnish Consulting Group Oy and Akram Mimouni from Management Events were telling about their working experiences in Finland.

The third and most concrete part was students’ own experiences where three students told how they have managed to get a job after or during their studies. Sofia Kalyakina, Ilakya Selvarajan and Akram Mimouni gave presentations about their current workplaces and the process they went through before getting a job. They all reminded that a hardworking candidate gets a job sooner or later. Sofia is already graduated and speaks Finnish fluently. Akram and Ilakya are still students but working in Finland during studies gives them important networks and experience that are necessary in Finland’s challenging working market.

Networking from the day one is important, knowing Finnish helps but is not a must in all fields. There are also special features in Finland’s working culture. For instance, it is typical to list your hobbies on your CV, which Akram found useful when getting his current job.

The last part of the seminar included inspirational speeches from the representatives of Potkuri and Boost Turku. If you cannot find the job in Finland, you can create one. “If you think about the future, the first thing that comes to your mind is probably the best way”, expert Pirkka Hyssälä from Southwest Finland Employment and Economic Development Office started his speech. Erika Halonen from Boost Turku told about the Startup Journey - a programme that helps students to make their ideas into reality. Each speaker was greeted with lots of questions.

At the end of the seminar we can be more optimistic that Turku area offers hidden opportunities also for international students.

See the material of the seminar here.