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The expanding service network of FSHS for 2021 is now approved

News | 14.2.2020

FSHS expands in 2021 for both university and university of applied sciences students. FSHS revealed the service network for 2021 and all the campus cities of University of Turku will have their own FSHS service units. Due the expanding network FSHS will have services altogether 52 units and 21 units of them are run by FSHS and those units cover 95% of all students. The rest of the units are run by partners.

The customer base for a service unit run by the FSHS is 2,000 students. If the number of students is lower than this, the services are produced together with FSHS partners. The FSHS produces oral healthcare services if the town or city has at least 4,000 students. This means that Turku and Pori will have a service unit with oral healthcare services. The unit in Pori will be a completely new service unit as the services were operated earlier by partners.

Rauma keeps its unit, but the students will be directed to either Turku or Pori, possibly to a local partner. More precice information on this service model is expected the be revealed in March. The basic principle is to offer equal services no matter the place.

Seven facts about student healthcare services produced by the FSHS

On 1 March 2019, parliament approved the government’s proposal for an Act on healthcare for students in higher education. The Act will take effect on 1 January 2021. In addition to academic university students, students of universities of applied sciences will then be within the scope of FSHS services. This requires a wider service network, an increase in the number of employees and the development of the service model.

At the moment Starting from 1 Jan 2021
The FSHS produces healthcare services for academic university students. Municipalities are responsible for providing services for students of universities of applied sciences.
Equal student healthcare services for all students in higher education. Contents of student healthcare will be based on the Health Care Act Section 17 (2).  
Approximately 125,000 academic university students are within the scope of FSHS student healthcare services.
Students of universities of applied sciences will also be within the scope of FSHS student healthcare services, bringing the number of customers to around 270,000.
Local services in 18 towns and cities. The number of service units run by FSHS is 12.
Local services in 52 towns and cities. Service units run by FSHS in 21 towns and cities.  
The FSHS has roughly 550 employees. 
The estimated number of FSHS employees will be about 1,000.
The FSHS charges fees for uncancelled appointments and appointment fees for certain services. 
The FSHS will charge fees for uncancelled appointments only.

The healthcare fee is obligatory; student unions collect the fee as part of the membership fee.


The healthcare fee is obligatory and tax-like. Students will pay the fee to Kela. The fee is determined by a Government Decree.  
The FSHS is financed through healthcare fees paid by academic university students, reimbursements paid by Kela under the Health Insurance Act, and subsidies for university towns and cities.   The FSHS will be funded by healthcare fees paid by students in higher education (23%) and by the government (77%).  


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