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The Executive Board of TYY elected new Wing members for the autumn semester

News | 27.4.2020

Last week, The Executive Board of TYY selected the new Wing members for the autumn term and for the whole academic year 2020-2021. Altogether 13 applications were received. Some of the earlier elected members continue in the Wings. International and Environmental Wing received the most applications this time.

Wings are a part of the Student Union and their goal is to make the Student Union a better place for everyone and organise activities that are based on TYY’s values. To learn more about our Wings and their activities, take a look here.

What’s next? The newly elected Wing members will receive a training held on 4 May on Zoom. Training will help everyone to successfully start working at the beginning of the autumn semester.

If you have any questions concerning TYY’s volunteer activities, you can contact TYY’s Member of the Executive Board Kristaps Kovalonoks at