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The effects of the Covid-19 situation on studying and the student union

News | 3.12.2020

Updated on 10.12.2020.

The infectious disease situation has aggravated, and as a result there are now new recommendations and restrictions. In this piece of news you will find the most important restrictions that concern the students.

Restrictions on assembly and recommendations from authorities

The regional state administrative agency has given the following restrictions that are valid until 10 Jan 2021. In Varsinais-Suomi you can have maximum of ten people in your indoors events, such as meetings, when safety measures are followed. You can have maximum of ten people in events in limited outdoor areas, when safety measures are followed. In Satakunta you can have maximum of twenty people indoors and outdoors, when safety measures are followed.

Southwest Finland has moved into spreading phase of Covid-19 pandemic. Additionally, the hospital district has given recomendation that one should not organise private events for more than ten people and that adults' hobbies should be organised outdoors.

TYY's trafficlight model and TYY's spaces

The trafficlight model has been updated based on the latest restrictions. We follow the instructions of red time. One can still rent TYY's spaces. The renter takes responsibility for following the restrictions on assembly and safety measures. One can cancel their reservations for free, please cancel your reservation if you are not going to use the space. You can find the info about safety measures and trafficlight model here:

The Service Desk and the Starting Package Storage are open also in December, we inform about their opening hours on our website. One most follow safety measures and wear a mask when visiting these spaces. We give out free TYY-masks for students at the Service Desk.

The organisations have been instructed via instant messaging group. Organisations can contact our organisation and administration specialist if they have questions about e.g. how to organise annual meetings.

Studying and the spaces of the university

The new instructions at the university are valid until 23 Dec. Students study mainly with remote connections. In small group contact teaching, the maximum limit of participants is 10 people. The current contact teaching with a maximum number of 20 people can be completed by observing safety measures.

The Exam rooms and group work spaces are open but with restrictions. One must use a mask in univeristy's spaces unless you are alone in that space. Everyone must follow these instructions so that we can keep the spaces open as long as possible.

TYY communicates constantly with university concerning the organisation of studies. If you have any worries about your studies, we recommend you to contact the teaching staff and the study councellor of your faculty, your own organisation that operates in your faculty or subject, or the student union.