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Come join us at the Mental Health Week!

News | 14.11.2017

TYY is organising a Mental Health Awareness Week on week 47, during which TYY’s Equality Wing (former Accessibility Wing) is arranging lots of interesting events. During the Mental Health Awareness Week the Wing will also post links, news and blog posts about mental health on its Facebook page! Come like us on Facebook!

The FB page of Equality Wing

The FB event for Mental Health Awareness Week

You’ll find the program and additional info in English at the end of the message.

Programme for the Mental Health Awareness Week 19.-26.11.

Sun 19.11. Candle event for the Memorial Day of those touched by suicide in Turku Cathedral at 4-5 PM.

The week begins on Sunday with the candle event organised by Surunauha ry, where we light candles for the memory of those who have committed suicide. After the event Mental Health association ITU ry offers coffee and tea at Kohtaamispaikka, Hämenkatu 28.

Mon 20.11. Pet event outside at the Educarium court at 1-3 PM.

Animal therapy - come pet cute and friendly dogs! Event is arranged weather permitting.

Tue 21.11. LGBTQI* and Mental Health panel 5-7 PM (streamed online)

The Equality Wing and Spektri ry organise a panel discussion about e.g. mental health of students, gender and sexuality, social affairs and loneliness from a LGBTIQ* perpective. The panelists will be announced later. The panel is streamed and will be available online only. The participation link and recording of the panel will be uploaded to TYY’s website. The panel will be in Finnish but a summary will be available some time after the event.

Wed 22.11. Lunch meeting for TYY ”Senior” students at Macciavelli at 2-4 PM.

More information about TYY ”Senior” students:

Thu 23.11. Peer meeting 5-8 PM (sign up in advance)

Anonymous peer support meeting for students who feel run down in their studies for one reason or another. Sign up in advance through Equality Wing’s email ( and you will get the event details (the place of the event) and contact person’s contact info as a response. We offer snacks and something warm to drink. You can come and leave as best suits you and you are welcome just as you are! Please note that the event is not a group therapy session but a chance to exchange thoughts and discuss in a safe and empathetic environment. Your experiences matter and you can bring them up or just listen, the choice is yours. You’re most warmly welcome!

Fri 24.11. TYY ”Senior” students’ lunch meeting at Macciavelli 12-14 PM and TYY Development

Cooperation Wing’s Cultural Evening at Turku-Sali 5.30-8 PM.

More information about the Cultural Evening:

Sat 25.11. No programme / Rest day

Sun 26.11. Walk by the riverside / coffee at Café Art 1-4 PM

A refreshing walk together outdoors. We will meet 1 PM outside in front of Turku main library’s new wing’s stairs and either walk around the Christmas Market of Old Great Square or some other place by the riverside to enjoy a November afternoon, according to the attendees’ wishes. Please dress warmly. We can pick an accessible route if necessary. We will be outside for about an hour after which we will enjoy a warm drink (self-paid) and small talk at Café Art. :) Outdoor walk (1-2 PM) is held weather permitting, the coffee meeting at 2 PM will be arranged regardless of weather. Welcome!

We hope to see you in the events of Mental Health Awareness Week!