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Christmas opening hours

News | 16.12.2016

TYY’s Services

TYY’s Service Desk

TYY’s Service desk is closed 19.12.2016–1.1.2016.

Normal opening hours:

  • Mon, Tue, Wed ja Fri: at 10–11 and 12–14
  • Thur: at 12–15.

TYY’s Specialists

TYY’s most staff is on holiday during 22.12.2016–1.1.2017

TYY’s Specialist in International Affairs is on holiday 22.12.2016-3.1.2017

TYY’s Legal Aid

Legal Aid Commission is on holiday 19.12.2015 - 9.1.2016.
Lawyer is on holiday 19.12.2015 - 10.1.2016.

► Read more about legal aid

Starting Package Storage

► Read the time table here

University Services


Feeniks Library is closed 23.12.2016–1.1.2017, other university libraries are closed 23.12.2016–8.1.2017

► Check more detailed opening hours here

Student and Admission Services

closed: 19.12.2016 and 23.12.2016–1.1.2017 


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IT Service Desk 19.12.–8.1. klo 10–14

Other times please contact

Health Services and TYS

YTHS (Finnish student health services) Turku closed 24.12.2016–1.1.2017

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Crisis Service 

tel +358 9 4135 0501

Open on Mon-Thu 9- 12 and 13-15, on Fri 9-12


TYS, Student Village Foundation of Turku is closed 24.–25.12.2016

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Unica’s restaurants

There are changes in opening hours during Christmas.

► Check the opening hours