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Bill to eradicate organised racism must be made immediately

commitment | 2.12.2016


Legislative proposal prepared by the Tomorrow without fear -campaign would secure following through our international obligations and stop the nationalsocialist Finnish defence league’s parade on independence day.

Finnish defence league, which uses political violence, will marsch in Helsinki on independence day. The police has notified that it will secure the neo-nazis’ parade and has told it lacks tools to stop Finnish defence league’s parade.

– Vi who have signed the petition condemn this type of activity and demand that the Finnish government advances this legislative proposal to eradicate organised racism from Finland. The police must be, through legislation, given adequate tools to prevent and intervene in facist activity, say spokespersons for organistions who have signed the Tomorrow with out fear -campaign’s petition.

Tomorrow without fear -campaign’s petition has been signed by 32 000 Finns. This shows without doubt that Finnish people want to put stop to organised racist activity. Tomorrow without fear – organised racism to the Penal Code is a disengaged citizen campaign which has as its goal to show that we are not afraid of being different and that racist activity has no place in our society. Campaign’s goal is to get organised racism forbidden in the Penal Code by a legislative proposal signed by over 100 members of parliament.

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