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Become language tutor for Language Centre

News | 9.6.2016

Language Centre is looking for major or minor students in languages or students of the Language Centre, University of Turku, to act as tutors to coordinate Language Circles. A Language Circle is a free time activity where students have the opportunity to practice their language skills and get to know other students and their cultures. The groups will start meeting at the beginning of the academic year and will meet weekly.

The language tutor will be in charge of his/her language group. He/she will plan the timetables and programme together with the group members, take part in the weekly meetings and be in charge of the communication within the group. 

The tutor should be interested in languages and cultures, have some knowledge of the language of the group, be active and have good communication skills.

We are looking for language tutors for the academic year 2016–2017 and for a total of approximately 106 hours. By the end of the academic year, the tutors will write a final report on language circle activity and will receive 4 credits and a certificate. Tutors will be given orientation to their responsibilities by the Language Centre staff. 

We are looking for tutors for the following language circle groups: Chinese, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish and Swedish.

It is possible to get credits for tutoring in one language, only.

Free-form applications are to be sent by e-mail to:  by 15.8.2016 at the latest.

For more information, please contact Head of Academic Affairs Katja Arola: