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Apply now to the UTU Ambassador programme!

News | 5.9.2019

Are you a student studying at the University of Turku interested in social media, photography, writing or making videos? Would you like to spread your love and knowledge of your university in international networks? If yes, you may be one of the ambassadors we are looking for!

The aim of the University of Turku Student Ambassador programme is to spread knowledge of the university to an international audience. We are looking for people to give an international, student centered perspective to our social media channels and assist the university in marketing and recruiting efforts. Take a look at our previous ambassadors on UTU's website and @utuambassador in Instagram.

The ambassadors will take part in photography and social media training to learn more about the effective use of the multitude of channels. All ambassadors will receive a package of UTU merchandise as well as a small allowance (100€).

Being an ambassador is an excellent opportunity to network within the University as well as with employers and educational institutions worldwide. The ambassadors will also receive invitations to University events and will have the chance to meet international guests of the University. The ambassadors may also get the opportunity to represent the University in fairs and events targeted at potential applicants.

We are now recruiting ambassadors for a 8 month period starting 1.10.2019. The chosen ambassadors will be given the opportunity to continue as active ambassadors or alumni after the first 8 months.

We are looking for you if you are:

  • a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral student of the University of Turku, also exchange students can apply if the exchange does not end before May 2019.
  • interested in social media and networking.
  • enthusiastic and have a positive outlook on life and studies in Turku.

Apply now by filling in the application form and attaching two examples of social media posts to the application (in Word or PDF form for example). The application time ends 27.9. Interviews will be held during weeks 41 and 42.

Application form

Instructions for the social media posts (for the application form):

  • Create two short social media posts on topics connected to studying or living in Turku, or other topic interesting to someone looking for a place to study.
  • Attach a picture that could be included in each post.

You may also copy or give us a link to an existing posting, video, photo or blog you have published on studying or living in Turku. Copy the links to a text file and attach onto the application form.

For more information about the programme, please contact Education Coordinator Helena Lindström at