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Apply now! TYY is searching for an organisation to help out with sillis (an academic brunch) on 11 Nov 2018

Open positions | 19.9.2018

TYY is searching for an organisation/organisations to take care of the practicalities during silliaamiainen (an academic brunch) after the Annual Ball on Sunday 11 Nov 09:00–16:00 at TYY Sauna.

Three-person brunch team responsible for setting the brunch before 11:00, supplementing the table upon need and cleaning up after 15:00. The organisation can divide the shifts among as many persons as needed during the day, as long as there is the required and sufficient amount of staff throughout the day.

The organisation will be rewarded with right to rent Q-house (max 300 eur) or TYY Sauna (max 175 eur) for one night during the upcoming year (valid until 10 Nov 2019). In addition to this, all the brunch team members will receive an Annual Ball patch.

The application period opens on 19 Sep 2018 and closes on Tue 16 Oct 2018 at 23:59. The Student Union Council selects the organisation on the following council meeting. The applicants will be informed of the result during week 42. If two or more organisations apply together, only one application should be filled. The selection is based on importance of the reward to the organisation's activities.

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