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Apply for the Faculty Councils and the Board of the School of Economics of the University of Turku

Open positions | 21.9.2015


Search Announcement for student representatives and deputy members in the Faculty Councils and the Board of the School of Economics of the University of Turku for the term beginning on 1 Jan 2016 and ending on 31 Dec 2017



Faculty Councils are a central location for the promotion of student interests and the highest executive organ of the faculties.


The remit of the Faculty Councils includes developing teaching and research in the faculty, drafting proposals for plans of action and financial plans and annual budgets as well as deciding on the guidelines for the distribution of the resources granted to the faculty; approving the curricula; approving doctoral dissertations and granting the permission to defend a doctoral dissertation as well as drafting proposal for the amount of students to be admitted annually in the faculty and deciding on the admission criteria. A third of the members consist of students.


Search for student representatives will begin on Monday, 21 Sep 2015. One may stand as a candidate for membership in the Faculty Council by filling an electronic form found at TYY website ( by Sunday, 18 Oct 2015 at 23.59. If the number of applicants is higher than the number of seats in the Faculty Council, the Election Committee of the Student Union Council will draft a proposal for TYY Executive Board on the elected. In addition, a statement on the applicants from the subject-specific or faculty organisations representing the faculties, the School of Economics or departments will be requested. TYY Executive Board will make the decision on student representatives in November after the preparation of the Election Committee and circulation of statements.

► Apply for the Faculty Councils and the Board of the School of Economics


The following criteria will be observed in the election of student representatives in the Faculty Councils: Previous experience in promoting student interests in TYY organisations and university administration, statements from the faculty and subject-specific organisations on filling the positions, balanced representation of departments or subjects and balanced gender distribution of student representatives in the organ.


According to TYY’s regulation, people with the right to complete a lower university degree, higher university degree, licentiate or doctoral degree, specialist degree in medicine or degree in dental science in the University of Turku are eligible for application. The eligible applicants must also be registered as present in the university. People who have a full-time employment of at least twelve months at the university are not eligible to apply. The limit of full-time employment is considered 30 hours per week.


According to TYY's Regulation on the election of student representatives, the number of posts of student representatives in the administration is limited to three posts per person. The limitation does not apply to internal working groups of faculties or departments. This entry is intended to ensure balanced distribution of the posts of student representatives in the administration.


TYY emphasises transparency and equality in its activities.  We hope to receive applications from many people with different backgrounds.



The number of student representatives to be elected in the Faculty Councils and in the Board of the School of Economics (regular + personal deputy members):


Faculty of Humanities (6+6)

Faculty of Social Sciences (3+3)

Faculty of Education (5+5)

Faculty of Law (4+4)

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (6+6)

Faculty of Medicine (5+5)

Turku School of Economics (4+4)


The election of student representatives is defined in:

► The Regulation of the Student Union of the University of Turku on the Election of Student Representatives


Further information:
Specialist for Academic Affairs, Joni Kajander,, tel. +358 44 796 1064