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Application period for TYY's Student Activity Funding Committee Extended

News | 15.1.2015

Annually upon application, TYY grants its sub-organisations activity support. The role of the Student Activity Funding Committee is to prepare the exact criteria for activity support, grade the applications accordingly and prepare other financial support decisions which the Student Union council assigns. The Committee’s term of operation is one calendar year and its chair will be a member of the Student Union’s  Executive board.

The Student Activity Funding Committee holds meetings ca. 10 times a year to handle the activity support applications in the spring term.

Ten members for the Student Activity Funding Committee are being sought for the year 2015. Experience in sub-organizations is a requirement to be chosen and general knowledge about the Student Union is considered as an advantage when applying.

Applications are to be made by filling a form on TYY’s website and the period for applying ends on Monday 26th January 2015 at 12:00. Applications will be handled anonymously.

The Student Union Council will choose the members of the Student Activity Funding Committee on its meeting in January based on Selection Committees proposition.

TYY emphasizes transparency and equality. We hope to receive a large number of applications from people from many different backgrounds.


Apply to the Student Activity Funding Committee