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The application period for 2015 tutoring has started

News | 2.2.2015

The application period for 2015 tutoring is February 2 - March 2.

Tutoring is an important part of the guidance offered for new students. Student tutors offer new students help with practical matters in the beginning of their studies and in guiding them to the student life in Turku.

The new international degree students are guided by Finnish or foreign students studying in the same degree programme. The tutoring starts already prior to the students' arrival as they confirm they accept the offered study place in July and continues until the end of October.

Application for 2015 tutoring

The application period for 2015 tutoring is 2.2. to 2.3. 2015. The admission results are published in late March. The accepted tutors must have successfully passed their first year of studies.

Tutor training

The accepted tutors will participate in tutor training. The training sessions include:

  • Info session for new tutors in 24 April.
  • Tutor training camp on August 15th to 16th 2015.
  • Responsibilities and remuneration

The responsibilities

The responsibilities of the tutor are

  • Participating in all training sessions
  • Writing a preliminary tutoring plan and a final report
  • Keeping active contact between the new students; beginning in the summer months by assisting in the arrival to Finland, continuing by meetings and guidance until October

By completing these responsibilities the tutors will receive 2 ECTS to be included in their optional studies and a remuneration of 100 euros.

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