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Answer our questionnaire on municipal politics and help us to prepare for local elections!

News | 4.5.2020

We have started to prepare ourselves for the local elections of spring 2021! Municipal politics affect many things that concern students in our campus cities. The student union has good relationships with policy-makers between elections too, but it is especially important to be active when the elections draw nearer. There are 40 000 students studying in institutions of higher education in Turku and therefore our voice should be heard in municipal politics. The student union supports local student organisations in Rauma and Pori to prepare for the local elections. 

Group 40 000, the voice of students in Turku, collects students' views about Turku via questionnaire. The questionnaire is carried out in cooperation with Study in Turku -network. One can answer it by 31 May in Finnish, Swedish or in English. The questionnaire aims to map thoroughly topics that concern students in institutions of higher education, such as housing, health care, services and locomotion. 

The data that is gathered from the survey will be used in Group 40 000's local election platform. The platform will be published in the autumn of 2020. One of TYY's aims is to raise students' awareness of how municipal politics affect them and doing so raise the voting percentage of young people. 

It takes around 10 minutes to answer the survey. Your answers will help us contemplate, what would make Turku even better city to live and reside in!

Answer here!