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9-to-5 of advocacy at TYY!

News | 1.3.2022
What did we advocate for in February? What kind of issues have been on agenda in international affairs, education policy and social policy?

International affairs

  • The student union gave its statement regarding the residence permits for international students.
  • The situation in Ukraine: We have discussed with the University on the subject and the safety of our students.  There have been similar talks with the Union of Finnish Student Unions, as well as discussions with other student unions about the general situation.
  • A University Talk -event was organised together with the University in connection with the University of Turku's new internationalisation programme and students’ views on it.
  • We organised the first International Council meeting this year.

Academic affairs

  • We met with the university's new guidance development specialist. The university has good preliminary plans and a desire to consult the student union on the issue of student guidance. Spring seems to bode well for the future of student guidance!

Social affairs

  • The sector trained organizations on equality.
  • The subsistence survey results are in, and we have been delving into them together with our four partner unions. Plans for the utilization of the results are well on their way!
  • The student union gave a statement in regard to the university's recommendations on specific arrangements for students with disabilities and different learners to give each student an equal opportunity to study.