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News | 13.1.2020

Excited about exchange possibilities, but it seems hard to fit an exchange in your studies? Summer School could be an excellent option for you!

News | 13.1.2020

TYY’s partner bank Osuuspankki is visiting TYY office on 20 January at 10–16.

News | 13.1.2020

Would you like to study a new language or refresh your memory with an old language?

News | 9.1.2020

While in Finland, would you like to have a possibility to interact easily with Finnish people outside your studies and get firsthand experience of the Finnish education system?

News | 8.1.2020

CampusSport’s spring semester has started – here is some information for both new and old customers! The sports fee for the spring 2020 is now available to purchase and

News | 18.12.2019

The Student Union of the University of Turku (TYY) would like to welcome you to Turku and to the University of Turku. We are happy to have you here and we wish to meet you at the Orientation Course on 2-3 January 2020. 

News | 18.12.2019

Each year, TYY gives an international award to one TYY organisation for promoting internationalisation. TYY International Wing suggested TYY Executive Board to select ELSA as the winner of the award.

News | 18.12.2019

Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

News | 18.12.2019

The Board of 2020 had its organising meeting. The board will officially start its work on January.

News | 5.12.2019

Each year we reward a super tutor and an international super tutor. The tutor plays an important role in the early stages of studies and by rewarding super tutors, we want to pay tribute to the work of our great tutors and make tutoring a visible part of the Student Union.

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