The Student Union of the University of Turku, TYY, is organizing campaign of collaborative student housing. M2- titled campaign begin from 25th of August and it’s meaning is sharing grants for activities and happenings to advance collaborative student housing. Now it’s your chance to produce your own vision to become real - is it neighbour disco, cooking night or garden cinema - whatever you have always wanted to do among your surrounding area. The search is open from this day to the end of September.  


The application is assessed:

- the implementation of community

- Operational suitability of student housing

- Operational planning and quality

- Creativity and originality


The grants are open to all members of the TYY either as an individual or as a team. Decisions on grants are made at the beginning of October the basis of applications. The financial contribution awarded will be paid vouchers and reports received after the fact.


Please note that grants can not be applied for the following purposes:

- Financial profit generating projects

- Repeating the basic operation of the financial

- Already realized projects


You can apply here.


For more information and specific questions can be sent to:

Project Coordinator  / Pietu Sepponen