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Apply for the Board of the Language Centre!

The Language Centre is an independent unit of the University of Turku responsible for the language, communication and intercultural skills teaching of most faculties. Their teaching covers all the obligatory language requirements students have and they also organise a wide range of additional language training necessary for students of the University.

The Board of the Language Centre among other things develops and evaluates the operation of the unit, approves long-term policy alignments and programmes guiding the unit’s operation, makes a proposal on the unit’s annual plan, decides on the grounds for using the resources granted for the unit and makes a proposal on appointing the Director of the unit.

The Student Union of the University of Turku seeks two (2) student members and two (2) deputy members for the Board of the Language Centre. The term of the Board is three years.

Under the TYY Regulations, students eligible for application are those who have the right to complete a Bachelor’s, Master’s, Licentiate or Doctoral degree, specialist medical studies or specialist dentistry studies at the University of Turku. Furthermore, students are required to have been registered as attending at the University of Turku in order to be eligible. Those who have had a full-time working relationship with the University of Turku for at least six months are not eligible to apply. For this position, 20 hours of work is considered full-time.

Application period is 13 May -  7 June 2015.

You will find more information from the application announcement.

► Application announcement for the Board of the Language Centre


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