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Apply for the Advisory Boards of The University of Turku Library

TYY is searching for student representatives for the advisory boards of the Library of the University of Turku for a three-year term as of 1 Sep 2016.

There are three advisory boards whose responsibilities are divided as follows (the number of student representatives needed in bold):

  • Faculty of Education, Law, Social Sciences and Turku School of Economics joint Advisory Board: two (2) student representatives and two (2) deputy members
  • Faculty of Humanities Advisory Board: one (1) student representative and one (1) deputy member    
  • Faculty of Medicine and Mathematics and Natural Sciences joint Advisory Board: one (1) student representative and one (1) deputy member

According to TYY’s regulation, people with the right to complete a lower university degree, higher university degree, licentiate or doctoral degree, specialist degree in medicine or degree in dental science in the University of Turku are eligible for application. The eligible applicants must also be registered as present in the university.

People who have a full-time employment of at least twelve months at the university are not eligible to apply. The limit of full-time employment is considered 30 hours per week.

TYY emphasises transparency and equality in its activities. We hope to receive applications from many people with different backgrounds.

THE APPLICATION DEADLINE HAS BEEN EXTENDED. The application deadline is now 4 Sep at 23.59. Applicants should apply by filling the form below.

► Read more about Regulation of the Student Union of the University of Turku on the Election of Student Representatives.


If you apply for several boards, you can specify your motivation and experiences one by one.
Please use the form +358 xx xxx xxxx.